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Ring Central - Sending SMS Messages With Java

Posted By: Todd Sharp on 2/21/2020 12:57 GMT
Tagged: APIs, Java

Yesterday I blogged about Ring Central and their APIs for sending SMS, making voice calls and much more. In that post I showed an example of how easy it is to send an SMS with Node.JS. In this post, I'll show you a similar example, but this time using Java. It's just as easy to do with Java, but will look much more familiar if you're a Java user which I know many of my readers are.

The full process is well documented on their developer portal. After you've created your application in the portal, grab the necessary credentials and plug them in below. You'll first need to add the dependency. If you're using Gradle, that looks like this:

Next, in your class, set some variables:

Create an instance of the client:

Then send the message:

And that's all it takes to send an SMS with Java and Ring Central!

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