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I've Joined Oracle

Posted By: Todd Sharp on 9/4/2018 3:25 GMT
Tagged: Oracle

I’m happy to announce that as of today I am joining Oracle as a Developer Evangelist for their Cloud offering. This position is a dream come true for me and I’m really excited to get to work sharing the amazing products and services that Oracle has to offer to developers around the globe.

My primary goal in this role is to engage with you and inform you as best I can about the products and services that we offer. I want to share how we can help you become a more productive developer and deploy your code in a painless and dependable manner. I have a lot to learn and I’ll do everything I can to get up to speed as quickly as possible. One of my first goals is to migrate this blog to Oracle’s cloud and I plan to share my progress in doing so in a short series of posts here on the blog.

I’ve made a lot of contacts throughout the years at various conferences and meetups and one of the things I’m most looking forward to is building on those relationships and making many more. I love meeting people and learning what technologies they are working with and how they solve the problems in front of them. The awesome part of meeting people there are always different problems being solved by different people - which means I get a fresh perspective to understand and learn from.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my career focused on the Java ecosystem - mainly Groovy and Grails, but Oracle’s cloud isn’t limited to that ecosystem. For example, Oracle’s Application Container Cloud Service (which I’ve blogged about) supports Node.JS, PHP, Ruby, Python, Go and .NET. Many of my examples will probably still use Groovy on the backend (since that is what I’m most comfortable with), but I’ll be sure to make it clear if there are any language/framework related limitations when it comes to Oracle’s cloud.

When I was younger, I loved everything about computers, but I never thought I’d make a living doing anything related to them. When I started programming in 2004 I thought that I had found the perfect career for myself. I love solving problems and programming lets me solve new problems and learn new things every day. Outside of work, I’ve long enjoyed writing (I majored in Journalism) and performing on stage in local theatre productions. Being a developer evangelist combines all three of those passions into a job and I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to do this job for a company like Oracle.

Image by mbll from Pixabay

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